Jevington and Filching Residents Association

Tapsell Gate

Fun Produce Show

2.30 pm Saturday 30th September 2017

This is not intended to be a formal horticultural show but rather a light hearted event to get together, show off some of the produce of the season and have some fun. This could be anything from Vegetables and Fruit to Flowers, Preserves, Photographs, Art, Craft, Products from Hobbies and most importantly output of the kitchen including Bakes and CAKES!

The plan is for the event to run straight through from 2.30 without a recess for judging to take place.

Where possible the classes will be judged by voting by the participants.

The following list of Classes is written as broadly as possible but if you have something that you would like to exhibit but for which there does not appear to be a relevant Class please let us know and we will establish one. Or you can enter 'Name Your Class'.


  1. Most Attractive bunch of Flowers (wild or garden)
  1. Best Pot Plant


  1. The vegetable you would most like to take home
  1. “Best-Looking” vegetables
  1. Biggest vegetable


  1. The fruit you would like to take home
  1. The biggest single fruit or bowl of same fruit


  1. Best presented pot of Jam or other preserve (chutney, pickle, bottled fruit or vegetable)
  1. Best presented bottle of Home Made Wine or Cordial


  1. delicious Looking Loaf, Rolls or Speciality bread

Crafts, Hobbies and Pastimes

  1. Painting by under 14

12.Painting by over 14

  1. Photograph of People including “selfies”
  1. Photograph of Nature
  1. Hand crafted sewing, knitting, “objet” or other item produce as part of a hobby or skill
  1. Name Your Class.

If none of the above classes provide a category under which you wish to exhibit something then submit it with a label describing the Class it should be in! (the item will be judged by the degree to which the item conforms tot the Class Name given by the entrant)

  1. CAKE

Any kind of Cake - cut ready for eating - to be judged with tea

Harvest Food Collection

As this event falls close to Harvest Celebration at St Andrew's Church (on Sunday 1st October) we will provide a collection point for contributions towards the Salvation Army Collection made by the congregation which will be take to the Church on Sunday along with any appropriate items from the Show. In additions any donations of non perishable food in packets or cans can be left for passing to the Church on Sunday.

How it the Show intended to work......

The Show is open to all Residents and their families and will be a free event.

Doors Open at 2.30 pm on Saturday 30th September

Tables will be set out around the room on which exhibits may be laid out according to the Class Labels as set out in the Schedule.

At the Door entrants will be given pairs of raffle tickets (one pair for each entry) one to be retained and one to be fixed to the 'Entry'. Sticky tape will be provided!

Also on entering the Hall each person will be given a set of sticky spots to enable votes to be placed on a big chart against the number of any item you perceive as winners in their class. However there will be fewer sticky spots than classes so you will have to choose carefully where to place your spots.

Only once all the entries have been put in place shall voting by sticky spots begin! The Cake class will be judged after tea has been served. The tea break will allow for computation of the results and the Cake vote will be by show of hands.

**The Jevington and Filching Residents Association **

is a forum for issues that affect the Communities of Jevington and Filching. It is a membership organisation to which residents pay a subscription to meet the administration and operating costs as well as support some activities. Members who have subscribed to the Association will receive a copy of the draft Minutes by email in advance of each meeting.

The Residents Association was formed in 1990 following the demise of the Jevington Parish Council and its incorporation into Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council. It has been involved in establishing several memorials around the Village and supported the Village Hall (old Schoolroom) and various small repairs and maintenance tasks.

The settlement of Jevington and Filching is a small community which is vulnerable to losing its sense of purpose if the Community does not come together from time to time. The Residents Association will hopefully help to provide such focus, through activities and events run by and for the residents and neighbouring communities.

Current Committee

Chairman Richard Churchman Treasurer Ben Clennell Secretary Jo Stephens

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