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The Jevington and Filching Residents Association is a forum for issues that affect the Communities of Jevington and Filching. It is a membership organisation to which residents pay a subscription to meet the administration and operating costs as well as support some activities. Members who have subscribed to the Association will receive a copy of the draft Minutes by email in advance of each meeting.

The Residents Association was formed in 1990 following the demise of the Jevington Parish Council and its incorporation into Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council. It has been involved in establishing several memorials around the Village and supported the Village Hall (old Schoolroom) and various small repairs and maintenance tasks.

The settlement of Jevington and Filching is a small community which is vulnerable to losing its sense of purpose if the Community does not come together from time to time. The Residents Association will hopefully help to provide such focus, through activities and events run by and for the residents and neighbouring communities.

Current Committee

Chairman      Richard Churchman

Treasurer       Ben Clennell

Secretary       Jo Stephens

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Currently the Association meets quarterly with an Annual General Meeting in April. Below are the planned Meeting Dates and the Agenda for the next Meeting.

Meetings are held in Jevington Village Hall and commence at 7.30 pm

Operation Crackdown - report speeding

The regular issue of traffic through the Village was raised noting recent incidents with large vehicles coming through. It was agreed we should keep a record of such events and where possible record registration numbers and/or company names referring them as appropriate. The Chairman agreed to hold a central record with reports to Incidents of speeding should be reported to Operation Crackdown at or call on 01243 642222.

Richard Churchman [][1]


Jevington Produce Show


for all residents of Jevington and Filching Saturday 8th September, 2pm at Jevington Village Hall


  1. Most Attractive bunch of Flowers (wild or garden)

  2. Most exotic vegetable or fruit

  3. “Best-Looking” vegetable(s)

  4. Biggest vegetable

  5. The biggest single fruit or bowl of same fruit

  6. Best presented pot of Jam or other preserve (chutney, pickle, bottled fruit or vegetable)

  7. Best presented bottle of Home Made Wine or Cordial

  8. Best art or craft item by under 14

  9. Photograph of People including “selfies”

  10. Photograph of Jevington or Filching

  11. Hand crafted sewing, knitting, “objet” or other item produce as part of a hobby or skill

  12. Name Your Class. (Anything you find interesting – criterion for judging is the Name of the Class you would apply)

  13. A LARGE CAKE! To be judged with Tea

If you have any further ideas for classes do let us know at


By email;

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This single list will be used for the purposes of communicating about the business of the Residents Association and events and activities in the Community. It will also encompass communication for members of the Village Hall Trust.

By signing-in to this service you can keep control of your email address, change it at any time and unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive communications. Your email address and submitted details will only be accessible by elected Officers of the Residents Association and Village Hall Trust.